Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Lovin It! No, Really Lovin It!

My intentions are not to be redundant. I know that I have more than once sung the praises of this woman here in this forum. Perhaps I should consider, changing the name of the blog to South Missisippi Reports on The Pioneer Woman, but just indulge me for one moment.
Because you will never believe what Ree has "gone and done now."

The Bumpkin had many plans for the weekend. Piles of laundry to load in the car and take to the laundry mat up the road, because my fancy Maytag broke AGAIN! Dolphins to watch, cooking, cleaning, paying bills, spending time with friends, blogging fabulous posts to generate 100 comments. None. of. it. was. done.
I was too busy hanging out here. That Pioneer Woman has done went and made us a myspace/facebook for cooks.

I have two pages of ingredients on my shopping list. Printed recipes laid out on the table, for My John to choose the order, in which I will recreate the multitude of masterpieces I have found.
Come on over and join me will you? I can't wait to see you all there, and I wish to covet your secret recipes. Pastor Ryan, Bakerella, Smitten Kitchen, they're all over there too. Just check my friend list. I had to stifle a squeal when the inbox read, "The Pioneer Woman has approved your friend request."
She's added really great features. Direct links back to your blog, a recipe box, because this way you can print as you go, or just leave them stored there.
The name is the same, Bumpkin On A Swing, make sure to friend request me once you get there.
The Baking Bumpkin

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Landlocked Mermaid said...

Oh this looks yummy. I read her too. Her recipes, however would require I ranch handle those steer to burn off the calories!! let's go visit her.. xo