Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An Amazing Fight!

It is certainly amazing how life opens your eyes. The lessons sometimes sneak upon you.

9 weeks of fight! She fought! They all fought, and I will never forget being allowed to be a part of their very personal fight.

These are the most eloquent of words, I do believe I have read in this blogworld. Each day I would pray, and then I would follow the link. I always wondered what they would say. Yes, let's celebrate instead.

No more pain.

Today, I realize, my problems aren't that bad, and that when I think I haven't an ounce of fight left, I will remember this little girl!

God bless the strength of this family, and a special hug to Bethany, I can only imagine the memories.

With all the love in the bottom of this Bumpkin Heart.......


Jennifer T said...

sweet post bumpkin...i have prayed for this family as well. my heart has been sad for them, but God has a plan.

Tara Gibson said...

prayers and hugs sent to that sweet sweet family. So sad : (