Thursday, May 7, 2009

What Was He Thinking?

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I have been perusing the internet on this subject recently, I hear the gossip, I hear the statements, the reactions, the speculations, the ramblings, but I have yet to hear any one say, "What the Hell was he thinking?"

Dear Jon,

First off, you have eight kids and a wife, it's 2am, GO HOME.
Wife is at home with the eight kids right? Bitch or not, she's at home.
Married men do not "need" twenty somethin' girl friends, at least mine better not "need" one, unless she is kin to me, or been birthed by someone very close to me.
Especially not twenty somethin' friends who are sooooooo into the car they just have to take it for a spin. Insert midlife crisis, new hair, new car,(come on ladies, you know what else) NEW BOOTY.
If this was a "friend" don't you think that Kate would just say, "Hey she's a friend, she wanted to drive our new car." No big deal right? Stand by your man, honey!
No instead, she gets ridiculed for attempting to find a way to support these 8 children, give them the things that she didn't have, run the marketing, and oh don't forget take care of same 8 children. The press is crucifing her. She's mean to him, they say. She has 8 kids, camera men in her house all day, and a husband that doesn't work. I think she is entitled to a bitch fit every now and again. Does this make it okay, that he was with some little tramp at 2am? No it doesn't.
All the while, poor hubby is complaining he has no privacy. If you already knew you had no privacy, why did get in the car with the little hussy? At least, don't try to act shocked when you get caught.
I vote Kate tells the producers, who are feeding her, this ("He made a bad decision crap, that cast a poor light, blah, blah, blah) to get screwed, and just LET HER LOOSE ON HIS SORRY CHEATING ASS! That I would spend $5 on US, People, and Enquirer each to read!

Dear Twenty Somethin' Tramp,
He has 8 children, and a rattlesnake for a wife. His only job is to cut the pancakes. Darlin', the lawyers will line up like coupon cutters at Walmart on the morning of Two fer Tuesday. He will never have another pot to piss in, Honey!
He's washed up, finished, BROKE! Now move on to your next sugar daddy..go on.... get your own car...go ahead...tuck your tail...keep on a goin'..the whole world knows what a little floosie you are now...!

Is it just me? What do ya'll think?
The Bumpkin


Melissa said...

I think Kate seems like she can be a big bitch at times, but I would be too with 8 children! NO matter how mean she gets, there's absolutely no excuse or reason for Jon to cheat!

Leave a Trail... said...

I *HEART* you, Bumpkin! Needed the laugh on my sorry morning! :-)

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

You are right Melissa NO EXCUSE!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

I feel bad for Kate. She is WAY mean, but Jon never appears to be a helpful husband and she seems to be doing all the hard work. I'd be mean, too, if I had 8 kids and no real help. I think the cameras should tape him going out and make an episode out of it. That's reality.

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Don't ya'll just love the Blue Eyed Bride. She has one of the straightest heads on her shoulders I have seen in a younger woman lately. What a mentor she is to all. There is a lesson here in this story ladies!

Bethany said...

You crack me up!!! Especially the letter to the girl.

I totally agree.

Katie said...

I think you hit the nail on the head. A promise is a promise right?

Preppy Pugs said...

Thank you for the Dear Jon & Tramp letters. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. :-)

Surf Girl said...

OMG - I am laughing out loud at your part to the 20-something. Seriously - what was he thinking??? You are on a REALITY gave up your privacy for cash.