Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Impatiens for the shade.....just beautiful dontcha' think?

I've have been raising a fuss about John spilling the bird seed on the front porch when he feeds the birds. Hurts your feet! Sorry Honey! I found the culprit!

Remember the little yellow bloom? Squash anyone?

"Oh, let me step in the garden, and I'll cut us fresh lettuce for the salad."

Fresh steamed green beans....Yummmmmm!

Look at my tomater plants Y'all! Fried green tomatoes are on the menu!

Brussel Sprouts, odd little growers. Looks like the leaves are tightening in the middle? Where are they gonna come from?

6 months before Mamma died, she went blind from Diabetes. We would sit in the garden
and she would ask me to tell her about the blooms. John and I took a trip, and he found a White Angel Trumpet plant. Knowing she could see some things in shadows, and the blooms being white, and 1-2 ft long..My John thought just maybe, and he bought this plant for her. I took her outside, and she said, "I can see them, I can see them!" A priceless memory for me! This plant blooms around Mother's Day and Christmas. Do you think it could be a message? I miss my Mamma I'll take anything...........Happy Mother's Day Mamma, can you see them?

Looks a little different now. My Valentines Day greenhouse!

Inside the greenhouse we are starting again. This time radishes, carrots, new flowers, and WATERMELONS!!!! I love Watermelon...He saved the seeds from some fancy schmancy watermelon last year. Can't wait!

A salvage from Katrina, that John brought home from New Orleans. This is a antique sugar cane cooking, cast iron pot. In the wintertime, it's my fire pit, in the spring it turns into this......

I promised to share the "vegetables of our labor" with all of you. It ain't much but it's a start!

The Bumpkin


Housewife Savant said...

I think it's great. I KNEW I would covet your mad gardening skills this summer. Awesome!

PLD said...

Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing!

Wendy said...

YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures...and your very special memory of your mama.

Lisa said...

What a sweet story about your mama - love that you still have something to remind you of such a happy moment! PS - The garden is SUCH an inspiration, too! I wish we had enough room to grow that much produce ourselves, too!

Cheers from Raleigh!

Autumn said...

Bumpkin, you rock a green thumb! I love your flowers and veggies..and I'm a tad jealous! I long for the day to have a yard I can have a garden in but for now my tomato plant in the pot on my rooftop patio will have to do.

And what a sweet story about your mama and the White Angel Trumpets.

Barefoot in the Park said...

your veggies look amazing! i hope i have the same results!

The Girl Next Door said...

You have totally Mad Skills my dear. And the momma story made me cry. For real. You and your man are too sweet. I'm coming over for Fried Green Tomatos!!!