Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Goodbye Guilty Pleasure

Sniff, Sniff, The Hills are coming to an end tonight. How will we live without the drama of it all. I watched the marathon this weekend, so I could be all caught up for tonight. Every episode I could possibly squeeze in to my weekend of concrete. Bottom line, not one paw print, but the stress, a whole other drama!
Heidi, and Spencer, OMG, he's completely off his bipolar rocker....I worry for her, I expect their lives to end in a murder/suicide scenario. The plastic surgery was really bad, had not gotten so into the details, until the most recent episodes. Surgery hug anyone? Kind of grosses me out, actually.

The thing I'll miss the most? The fashion California style of course, and well, then there's this:

I act like a school girl over this guy...Oh Justin Bobby, the heartbreak of every season.

Why is it the elusive bad boys make our hearts beat faster? Race with excitement, fuel our fantasies, make us long for.......sorry I was stuck in the moment.

I have always liked the bad boys, never fails, they are always my favorite. A man without kahunas, makes me nauseous. I mean come on' who wants a wienie for a mate. I'll pass!

I was very mad at Justin Bobby when he did this to Audrina.
Ya know, pull your men's leashes a little tighter Kristin Cavallari is in town. I hate a man stealing Hussy, worse than anything. I truly hope her five minutes is up. Karma owes her.

They aren't through yet....Is she getting her own show? Audrina, I mean, has anyone heard a rumor to this effect? This love saga, and yes I said saga, will be the meat of it if she is.

Speaking of bad boys, have I told you about Captain John's new toy?
He went and bought himself one of these babies. This is a 2003 Harley Davidson V-Rod.
Harley's 100th Anniversary Collector's Edition (are you swooning yet Ladies? Took me a bit too, to get it) complete with a 14k gold key. Now just because it's a 2003, don't think used. Brand new assembled out of the box, from the owner of our local Harley Davidson dealership's private collection. 8 miles on it, and he said those were rolled from place to place. He almost fell over from a heart attack when Captain John drove it away. What's the point in having something like that, if you can't ride it?

If you know Harley's here is an excerpt from an article written by an Australian, that was the deciding factor on this bike. Men, you'll love this! Click HERE to read the whole article.

Say hello to the V-Rod, the Harley-Davidson that thinks it's a Ducati. Forget any back-handed compliments like "good power for a cruiser" or "sophisticated for a Harley," the new V-Rod's 1,130-cubic-centimeter engine is a marvel. As soul-stirring and powerful as a Ducati 916 and as well behaved as a Honda VTR1000, the V-Rod sports the most powerful V-twin cruiser engine in the biz.

But then, Harley never meant for the V-Rod to be a tourer.
What it wanted was the biggest, baddest power cruiser on the market. And it got it.
And so did he after reading this article......

I haven't rode it yet, still working up the courage, and I can not seem to forget that my Mamma will roll over in her grave, the first time I take off the back of a Harley.
She never approved of those "motorcycle" people. Some of the best folks I have ever met actually.....but I think she remembers, our Captain's "brotherhood" is the United States Marine Corps, and that's one thing that won't ever change!

Say an extra prayer for him please!

(PS. Do you hear George talkin' about making Mississippi Girls squeal?) (hmmmph!)

The Bumpkin


I'maNolaGirl said...

Oh Justin Bobby! The dirtiest leading man in the planet. There is something very handsome about him, but at times I can't get past all the scruff and grime.

I have to say I liked Kristen in Laguna Beach, but now she is certainly living up to her reputation as a, well, you know!

~Haley~ said...

I love, love, love Justin Bobby too. Other than his name & the way he treats Audrina, he's perfect! Did you catch the "The Hills Revealed" show, which tells how they actually met... he was a hairdresser!!! Nice! I think I might cry tonight when it all ends.

And wow, I'm lovin the Harley. I can't wait for the day my man gets us one! =]

Misty Michelle said...

I am soooo sooo sad it's almost over! I seriously plan my week around this show (secretly) haha. I am scared Spencer is going to murder heidi or something. (hes a freak!).

Have a great day! love this post!!


Pink Champagne said...

Oh, I'm going to miss the drama that is the Hills! I had a mini-marathon of my own last night... trying to catch up on missed episodes online. Still a few to go before I'm ready for the big finale. Let's stay tuned, my dear!

Cool Gal said...

Can you believe I've never watched??? Now really.

I'm all OVER the "bad boy." In fact, I married one. Certainly has made my life a little more interesting. But, you know what, I'd be bored with someone who never challenged me. Bored!

The Harley is way too hot. :)

Geez Louise♥ said...

Justin Bobby is amazingly hot and Audrina is just as hot if not hottter! I did infact hear she was getting her own show! Ohh I hope so! I love her! Annnnd I cried when Laguna ended, I have a feeling the goodbye to The Hills is going to be the same!

And Capt's bike is hawt.

Get on it lady!

Dee Stephens said...

I was a die hard Laguna Beach fan and The Hills until this season.. didn't watch too much. Too much going on.. that is.. until this weekend.
I'm all caught up girl! Even watched some episodes online last night.
Okay -and you'll have to write me back on this one(b/c I almost posted about the show today too but talked about it in the post before so passed).
My theory on Spencer and Heidi...it's not all just an act(some of it is)..but I seriously think he's lost his mind?
I think he had problems before but I think her surgery did both of them in.
Too much stress, agony, trauma, etc.. and now he's dealing with it and so is she.
I think she's struggling on knowing who the F-- she is??
What's your take?
I'm with you on the murder/suicide thingy.
BTW -- not a fan of Justin Bobby.. ew..
Hate to say it.. Brody is a hottie even if he is a gigalo!

Dee Stephens said...

sorry for the longest comment every ;)

Jen said...

Not the biggest Hills fan but have caught a few episodes here & there. What's up with Spencer tho? Do you think he's like that in real life or do you think he's acting for the attention? I can't imagine anyone being that messed up in real life! And the divorce they're going through now... is that real or fake?? See, this is why I don't watch the hills, I'm easily confused! ;-)

As for the new bike? Damn that's hot!! You're going to look like one hot momma on it! You got your leathers yet? A leather halter is a must for any biker chick!

So, I got an idea... why don't you throw on your halter & chaps and you and the capt drive that beauty on up here and we'll go to the Sturgis Rally! Just say YES!!

Morgan said...

Love that RS cover. They all look so cute and normal... those days are long gone. Well, except for Whit and LC.
And yes... Justin Bobby...so dirty and intriguing. :)

Charlotte said...

I tuned out long ago...BUT it is sad that a very large part of my reality tv base is coming to an end!! crazy!!!! I do miss the old Laguna Beach days!!!

Mrs. Potts said...

I'm going to miss Justin Bobby - he seriously cleans up mighty FINE.

Kristen is another one who I wouldn't pick off the bottom of my shoe as I walked over her.

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Audrina's ceiling eyes still bug the heck out of me. I can't stop staring at their creepiness whenever she talks, ha. And yes, murder/suicide is definitely in the books for Heidi & Spencer, ha ha!

Mrs. Potts said...

PS: CONGRATS Captain John on your new ride.

Anonymous said...

Ok I think i'm missing out, I've never seen The Hills. Worth getting the dvds?

MCW said...

I caught up on the Hills this weekend! I used to hate Kristin, but kind of liking her this season. She tries to be tough as nails but is insecure under it all.
Mr. NH has a Harley. Love riding on the back!

this free bird said...

did you know heidi left spencer and filed for divorce?

did you know i'm mortified that this useless information occupies my brain?

did you know i am in love with justin bobby? (guilty admission hangs head in shame)

i don't know what i'm going to do w/o this show. okay i'll figure something out, but i'm moderately wrecked that it's ending.

i watched a 12 hour marathon on sunday. okay 13. 8am - 9pm. i liked kristin in the end. mighta been the wine.


Mrs. Dew said...

I can't believe it's REALLY ending!!! OMG the guiltiest of pleasures!

Elle said...

I never hoped on The Hills train.... you're a brave bumpkin letting your captain get on a motorcycle! ya'll deserve a little fun right now... so you get on it, and you give your mamma a big 'ol wink as she rolls over :)



Anonymous said...

Good riddance