Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday's Favorite~Red White & Blue Extravangaza

International Readers, I love you all, but please allow me a brief moment, to show how proud I am to be an American.

Favorite New Blogger Find: I love her blog, well blogs, but I really love the woman who writes them. Georgia from Simply Smile Photography aka Gigi from Going Glam with Gigi.

Same lady, She Rocks, ya'll She Rocks! I call her Gigi, fits her to a T, let's bring her tightly within our circle, she has been so supportive of The Captain and I during this challenge we are facing, and also knows just the right thing to say. Fashion anyone, we made a pact for today, and she's joining me in the Red, White, and Blue Extravaganza over at her fashion blog. Click Here to check out what she came up with, here's a sneak peek to get your curiousity flowing..
Told ya, get your booties over there..........
I didn't first find Gigi through our love of fashion, she's one of the crazy women who has two is her photography blog, that's how I find her. Click here to visit Simply Smile Photography.
Trish and I were talking on the phone a few weeks ago, about Gigi, and what a jewel she is, she just fits right in with the rest of us, ya'll get over there and visit her won't you...Click those follow buttons for her too!
Some of my favorite photo finds (steals..teee heee hee) this week.

I have learned this week, I was stronger than I thought I was, and that I can push myself way harder than I thought. Sleeping 3 hours a night on average, not counting the crash last night.

Can you name them? I can't on the white, and it's driving me crazy, do tell readers.

Lurrrvvvvveee this one.

Could I offer anyone a Shoegasm today?

How bout a little Friday Fashion Fix? Red, white, and blue for you.....

Poppies, Here's your sunshine! By the way did ya'll see here Wordless Wednesday post, she's getting good. I better tighten up! Click Here for a Vintage Fashion Orgasm.

Sexy girls what do you think of this? Gentlemen?

The Captain is coming to see you all this weekend! He misses you, and wants to give you the scoop! He's working so hard, and I am doing nothing but homemade meals for him this weekend!

Chanel anyone?

Ooooo La La!

Gigi mentioned earlier this week a way we could still have fireworks this weekend. Great idea, Gigi......

I'm trying, thanks again for that attitude adjustment Trish. You were right my sweet bestie.

Favorite Dustjacket Attic Patriotic Images: Like I'd leave DJ out of this extravangaza, even though she's an Aussie, she fits right in. I spend hours in her archives.

Love the shoes.

I think this is my all time favorite DJA picture, well maybe top 3, it's so hard to narrow it down.

This is me tomorrow readers: R & R is a must this weekend need to rebalance a bit. I even have a new outfit for those B@TYC (Biatches at the Yacht Club). They need their own show, now you want drama Ladies, they can put on the drama.
Friday Leave You With A Laugh:
Eclipse Lovers, this laugh is for you....Today I'm leaving you with The Blog O' Cheese, with his Open Letter from Jacob the Werewolf post. Click Here!

If you're celebrating our freedom this weekend, I wish you much joy! Don't forget the ones still over there protecting it!
The Bumpkin


Elle said...

Hi Honey.... love the beyotches at the yaught club.... hahahaha....

Hey email me your address lovely girl I have something for you...

Even if I don't have the words to make everything feel better... I love you both so much, and would never have thought that via my blog I would find two people that are so near and dear to my heart... I think about you everyday... and especially today as we are enduring the outer reaches of Alex.... big hugs from me... and as many bellinis and margaritas as I can pour... and when you're packing away and baking away and wish you had an extra set of hands to help you... know that I wish more than anything that I could be there to help you!

hugs and kisses and kisses for those pups sweet girl!

Jen said...

I forgot about this song! I cranked it up loud!... you should have seen me ;-)

You two better have a great weekend! Promise me? Lots and lots of R&R and other fun stuff I hope :-)

Happy 4th Dear! To both you and the Capt!!

this free bird said...

Bumpkin that dress was only $46!! Yes - $46. It's not available online though...some random brand from God only knows where. Ugh. I would love to get you one so you could wear it and snap a picture of the biatches at the club kissin' your bumpkin when you strolled on by. Now THERE'S a photo op!! xoxo and have the best weekend you possibly can - Carrie

MCW said...

I just tried on my red white and blue dress today! Can't wait to watch fireworks! xoxo

Cheeseboy said...

Shoes on a wire? French Fry eating birds? Orgasms? This is the best Friday ever!

Trish said...

Hey my sweet, leave it to fabulous you to come up with a post fo fashionable and patriotic at the same time! You and Gi Gi today, I am overwhelmed with the awesomeness! I love that she's your favorite this week! Since you're willing to share me a little with Mermaid, I'm willing to share you a little with Gi Gi :) Heehee!

You know I am here for you always, anytime, day or night! You are doing so much to support the Captain and keep him rested, fed, and clothed and fueled up to be on the front lines, and understandably have so many mixed emotions on your mind and heart. I am just happy to have been able to be supportive this week. (BTW - Let's talk this weekend if you're free, I'm going to be suffering from Bumpkin withdrawal while in Mexico next week!)

Love the red white and blue lingerie, and the red panties on the bike with the lady running off in the background, now that's a great photo! You must have been hiding that on your secret tumblr page LOL :) OOOhhh those matches too, super cute. The sprinkles are nonpareils, right? Of course I ran to my kitchen pantry, and that's what the look the closest to!

Can't wait to hear more about your new outfit for the Yacht club. You are so freakin' hilarious, you should write the script for B@TYC, I'm sure we'd all be laughing for hours on end. Hey that's a good idea! You should draft a script and post here on your blog!

Talk soon sweets, I know this 4th will be a little different for you both, but I hope it's a very happy one regardless. Loving you! xoxo

Lori said...

You are too cute ~ wonderful images Lisa and I will not slight you for being a proud American as I am a proud Canadian girl and will shout it from the rooftops. Hope you get some rest over the week-end ~ please enjoy those home cooked meals and relax...if only for awhile. Happy 4th to you my sweet friend and your Captain too! xo

g e o r g i a ~ g i g i said...

“We cannot tell the exact moment a friendship is formed; as in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is at last a drop which makes it run over; so in a series of kindnesses, there is at last one that makes the heart run over.”

Oh My GOODNESS, do I feel special! Wow, I can't tell you how much my little heart is bursting!
I am so happy we became bloggie friends, I ADORE you!

Every image is just gorgeous! You give a fabulous presentation! Love the panties on the bike, very sexy!

I will look forward to hearing from the Capt. give him a big hug and hello!
Much Much Much love and many many many thanks Lisa Love!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Hey girl sounds like you may be running on empty...but that isn't going to stop you!!

Fab post, I need to have it here to keep scrolling up and checking.

I'm with you guys on the 4th, have a great one despite what is happening around you.

Thank you for your lovely words, you are really so gorgeous and I appreciate you.(your comments at mine were great, thought I didn't like to think of you up all night :(

I just loved the knickers on the bike handle and her wandering off, too funny. About the yacht are so funny.

Love to you and the Captain, I wish I could take all the bad stuff away and it was back to how it was....I loved your little poster about being positive though, it's so important.
big hugs and xxxx DJ

LouBoo said...

Ahhh hello bumpkin! I feel I have neglected you! I am in catch-up mode after a week or two of frantic working on a project that has now finally reached its milestone! Thank God for that. I love this set of images - they are so - cheeky! Wonderful! Love to you, Lou x

Dumbwit Tellher said...

What a perfect 4th post! Wishing you and the Captain a glorious, fun, and safe 4th weekend. All my best to you sweet Bumpkin xo

Holly said...

Happy 4th to you! What a great way to celebrate the patriotic colors. I wish could wear those fabulous shoes to my 4th party!

Lily Lemontree said...

So happy to hear your John is coming home to you this weekend!
Sending you all my warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday weekend and as always, fabulous post my friend!!!

Allison - Simply Beautiful World said...

Wow, I love this post; it's awesome! The pictures are fabulous and I love that you incorporated so many different things! Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!

Poppies and Sunshine said...

This post is bursting at the seams with fabulousness!
Sweet her! She is such a doll.
Aw, the girl in the poppy field. ♥! Thank you for the sweet, sweet mention for Wordless Wednesday. I am forever grateful for your kindness.
Now there is so much red, white, and blue fashion here that I just love it all. I think I want to be that girl in the red car filled with balloons.
Get some rest and have lots of fun this weekend!! Happy 4th my dear!

My Republic of Fashion said...

Blue, red and white....such fantastic colours! I'm not from the US, but yay for America.:) Great post, fantastic pictures.:)SarahD

Preppy 101 said...

You always have the best images! Love them. Hope you had a fab 4th of July weekend! {Love that song} xoxo