Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Favorites~

Happy Friday Ya'll

Shoegasm of the Week: My favorite fall work suit, is black with gold buttons, and I "need" these Miu Miu's to go wiht that suit!

Fashion Orgasm of The Week: Thank You Olivia!

Favorite Tumblr Picture of the week: Play with me at Tumblr, click the pansies on my side bar!

Favorite Dustjacket Attic Photo:

Quote of the week:

Favorite Recipe of The Week: Kitchen Belleicious and her Spicy Alfredo Pasta Frittata. the Captain will be having this for breakfast on Sunday, Click HERE to get the recipe. Cajun Belles be sure to see what she's cooking up today, as well!

And to leave you with a laugh this week: Do you read Slynnro? I have lurked over there a long time. Click
to read a post that's hits home to me. I think we all have an bounding acquaintance like this. In my group of friends we call her Miss Mary F*cking Sunshine. Hilarious Slynnro and her hubby Ole Waxy. Two of my favorites for a good hard laugh. She doesn't hold anything back, so if you need a warning, consider this it.
Ya'll have a happy weekend. We are pouring concrete in the laundry room, and the bottom floor of the barn this weekend. No hot water for a day or two. I feel the Marriot in my future, I just don't want to deal with this equation.
5 dogs AND lots of new concrete. Can you see the free stamping I am gonna get out of this deal yet?
The Bumpkin



OK, I totally love those shoes. Of course, I would wear them with leopard tights too, black slim skirt & leopard slinky turtleneck & leopard shawl, all mixed up together. You know, I'm Texan, we're known for being waaaaaay over-the-top. Hugs to Captain John, xx's to you.

Autumn said...

Those shoes are yum! There's an award for you on my blog..have a great weekend!

haircutting in high heels said...

Love the shoes, with the ruffled dress to die for. Can I have some of that pasta fritta? YUM!
Happy Weekend to you,

Mrs. Potts said...

I don't typically care for OP. She's gorg with great fashion sense, but something about her just nudges me the wrong way.

Live Beautifully - love it.

Jen said...

Look, forget the Marriott. Hop on a plane tonight to MN and you're going to stay with me. I already have the wine chilling and we can stay up all night catching up! Just let me know when you land ;-)

MCW said...

Did you know there is a store called Shoegasm in NYC? I think of you every time I go by!
Such a good GF cooking the Captin' a yummy breakfast!
Have a great weekend!

Claire Kiefer said...

Apparently you and I have very similar taste in shoes, because I am swooning over those right now, and they seem perfect for the outfit you've described. I LOVE THEM! THEY'RE PERFECT!!! Thanks for feeding my shoe obsession ;)

Agneta said...

My dear dear american cyber friend!! Lots of thanx for nice nice comments on my blog, I just love to read them all!!

Your post today..... very cool & very hot! Yes yes yes, I love thoes shoes!! And now som swedish...

Kära kära amerikanska bloggvän. Du är helt otrolig på att skriva snälla och vänliga inlägg på min blogg, och jag är sååååååå dålig på att besvara mina kommentarer. Jag har ingen semester i år och arbetar därför hela sommaren. Det är varmt i Sverige och jag håller på att svimma av utmattning, när Sverige har förvandlats till Afrika över natten ;)


Agneta, the sw..... one :))

Lori said...

Yee haw ~ no water does not sound like a good plan so I 2nd the motion to go to the Marriot!! You find the coolest pictures ~ I really have to head on over to Tumblr more often.

Lori said...

you know....I should really finish my thought before I hit "publish"... Canada has not been so cool here this week as our temps have been in the high 90's with the blessed humidity ~ I tend to melt on days like that! Hugs to you Lisa ~ have a great week-end. xo

Geisslein said...

Favourite comment at my blog this week is from you! How lovely and nice, thank you SO MUCH! You´ve made my lonely friday evening at my sofa. thank you thank you! Wish you a wonderful weekend! hugs from hot germany, geisslein

Piper Jacquelyn said...

O, those shoes! Dear lord. I will check out your Tumblr. I always forget I have a Tumblr page, but I love it! And def. go stay in a hotel - you will for sure deserve it if you have to suffer without hot water!!

Phoebe Rose said...

Olivia looks amazing as usual! And the shoes...fab!

Taj Acosta said...

Oh you are going to kill me, I have those shoes and haven't even taken them out of the box! I know, I'm ridiculous. Hope all is well my dear! Happy weekend to you

Poppies and Sunshine said...

I fell in love with that lacy dress earlier this week. Perfect fashion orgasm.
Glad I made my way over to Slynnro. That was a good laugh! I can relate to that.
Your comment made me smile today. And I needed a smile. Thank you!
I hope all your concrete adventures go well over the weekend and you can get through it foot print free!

Cheeseboy said...

Ha ha! Miss Mary F*cking Sunshine - I have a friend like that and it is a dude. Better than a Debbie Downer, I think.

Leah said...

Oh yes love those first shoes! So fun!

Happy weekend!

Dustjacket Attic said...

I love the shoes and that dress Olivia has on is fantastic! She does look great in it.

Yum wouldn't mind having that fritta for breakfast ;)

My gosh that is going to be interesting with the concrete and dogs.....hmmm patience right!

this free bird said...

puppy stamps...hmmmmm

bumpkin my love - i have those shoes in navy. they are resting comfortably in their box. can't bring myself to wear the little babies they're just so pretty. i'm a crazy gal, i guess.

hey! hosting a little giveaway next week and want you to enter...teaser's up - can ya guess what it is?

sure to cheer ya up in warm or cool weather...that's all i'm gonna spill. waiting for the thing to get here and will post when it does! yippee!! i love free stuff!!

have a great weekend at the marriott!! xoxo-carrie

joanny said...

Fun post the shoes are sexy for sure,,, I see you like the quote I have on my side bar too.

Enjoy your week end it is hot hot hot here in the PNW --


cathy. said...

Love the shoes, the outfit and the quote! Awesome collection of photos and such :)

xox cathy.

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Ah, am in love with those shoes.
The other pictures are equally lovely, too. Have a nice weekend.
Warmly hopes you are well;-)

Hazel said...

Love the shoes, and completely agree with you on Olivia's look!! Gorgeous!! :) Hazel

Bad Taste Toast said...

I love this tumblr photo! And these MiuMius are adorable for sure!

Charleston Girl said...

Love this post!!

P.S. I've tagged you in a fun questionnaire on my blog. Check it out! :) Hope you play along!

Agneta said...

I love your energy, your kindness, your warm heart, your comments on my blog.... and you make me so happy and alive!

Thank you from my heart.... for your wonderful gift of words. I needed it!


Agneta, your swedish friend

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah Olivia looks fabulous in that lacey number! I'm your newest follower!

Allison - Simply Beautiful World said...

Great post! I love Olivia's outfit, and all the pictures! I hope you had a great weekend!

By the way I have a blog award for you, so stop by and check it out!


Elle said...

Hey Bumpkin... can't wait to hear how all that concrete turned out... we've knocked out day one of driving and we're on to day two tomorrow!

I bought the train Save Me, San Francisco CD with Hey Soul Sister on it and I listened to it almost all day today... love it... if you haven't bought the whole album you absolutely must.... there is a song on it about wanting to hear some delta funk that always makes me think about you, and since I listened to it on repeat in the car for 8 hours today I thought of you alot! :)

Pink Champagne said...

Oh, I think you NEED those black and gold shoes... the perfect footwear for that black and gold suit. Tres chic, madame! XO

SLynnRo said...

Just saw this- my comments are broken and it doesn't email me them any more so I don't see old ones unless I look....thanks!