Monday, September 14, 2009

What Rainy Days Are For

It has been raining cats and dogs here on The Mississippi Gulf Coast. Everyday last week, and my yard is one big mud puddle.
You all remember Jibbs, my beautiful white American Bulldog right?
If you haven't met him, you can go back and read his story here.

It's hard to keep this one clean. As I have told you, he lives to play the ball.
The ball, The ball, The ball. American Bulldogs are very active, and must be exercised regularly.

The only reason we get great pictures like this, is because we hold the ball while taking them.
He was so restless this weekend in all the rain. Mamma too, so I decided to take a nap before the Bears game on Sunday.

Doggy and Daddy fun apparently took place while Mamma was sleeping. I found these pictures on the camera late last night. I would have never known otherwise.

He was about to bust to play the ball, so I can't really be all that mad.

They covered their tracks pretty well. Jibbs was clean as a whistle,and inside sleeping before I ever woke up.

Look at the dirt in his mouth. He was really having fun! Sometimes even dogs need to let loose, and go "hog wild."
How was your weekend?
The Bumpkin


Preppy Pitbull said...

Gah, I love the pictures! We have a black and white pit and he comes in the house completely covered in mud when it rains up here...too cute!

Tara Gibson said...

oh my word.. how cute is he!

Jennifer T said...

that is one dirty dog!! CUTE! oh and i wish i could and would love to throw you a 40th!! you will have a wonderful day, im sure! make sure you keep us posted on all that! im excited to see :)

Jennifer T said...

and thank you for the sweet compliment, btw! you are great! i really enjoy your blog!