Monday, September 14, 2009


I just finished watching the first season of Californication. I think it was the most enlightening experience of my thirties.
Some things I recognized, and some I didn't.
First I'm shocked that I found David Duchovny to be sexy. I never was an X (is this one of those times than X gets an "an" even though it's not a vowel ?)files fan, and he wasn't the love of my twenties like some of my gal pals back then. They would drool over what..... was his name then Moulder or something like that? Me, not so much.
I think the sexy about him in this series is his unfaltering love for Karen, then maybe it could be all the raw sex scenes (as caution, this is shown late at night on Showtime), and I understand why. My favorite scene, when Karen gets called the "C" word at the charity ball. That always deserves a good swing in my opinion. The knight in smoke covered armor, a writer, a sex machine, and a great dad. I think I may be getting old to hear myself say sexy and dad, all in the same sentence.
All of the characters are "groovy" in their own way. They become endearing to you, even the villans. I'm headed to Blockbuster tomorrow, to stalk Season 2.
Love Hank, but my favorite character is Karen, she is so Hippie Voracious.

Has anyone other than me noticed the resemblance to this woman?

Dooce herself, Heather Armstrong, number 26 in milk stains!
[cue jingle]
Photo of Heather and her new addition courtesy of Armstrong Media LLC.

I also rented the first two episodes of Season 1 of Trueblood. I hear you all out there gasping the word,"Eric"
The Bumpkin


Jennifer T said...

i tagged you on my blog! hope you are doing wonderful :)

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