Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blogger Rush!

Some things are worth sharing with friends.

On my last post we had a little quiz. Some of you recognized this face, and some of you didn't. This is a little something for those of you who didn't.

Photo Courtesy of The Pioneer Woman
A couple of you commented, "Ryan a guest writer at the Pioneer Woman." You're right...............sort of.

Not to say that I don't truly worship Ree for all things blogger, and she hasn't earned a special place in my soul for this introduction, but this man is so much more than just a guest writer at The Pioneer Woman, he is the creator extraordinare behind This Is Reverb!

A great place to hang out for awhile, this Reverb site. A chameleon, Ryan plays alot of roles. I highly suggest you join his entourage of readers.

He's a comedian of sorts:

A prankster....of another sorts.

Ryan is a husband. He credits his lervly wife Allison (as he says) for a lot of the man he is today.

He is a father, meet Miss Ava Beans.

He keeps his priorities straight in life. Read the story behind this picture below here.

I have heard said that cool parents make cool kids.

Of course he's not perfect, he makes mistakes too. One of my favorite posts talks about a parenting mishap that he made. Read it in his words here.

These days are numbered, as in about....6 weeks, he and Allison are adding to their family. Get on the baby bandwagon now, we are guessing girl or boy?

But till then, he is investing in Ava's imagination bank. Magical forts are plentiful! Now really, I have to say, How cool is that?

He is also a brother. A brother that never gives up on you. Another of my favorites is the story of Amie.

Okay let's see what else?
Oh yeah, world travler.
He recently took a trip to Honduras.

He made some friends while he was there.

He also has tattoos, and his motto on life is "LOVE WINS!" So true, so true.

And in case you haven't noticed yet, he is an amazing photographer!

Yes I said amazing. I could study the photos for hours.

And hours.....

Love this one! Would love to hang this in my kitchen.

Found this one on his Flicker account. He shares all the pictures over at Reverb

Did you see the no?

At reverb he teaches a photography class. Maybe he should give a lesson on resizing photos on your blog. Roll Call, Bumpkin? Here Professor Ryan!

Now back to the guest appearances at The Pioneer Woman.
A fabulous cook he is. On a recent visit to the ranch Ree used and abused Ryan for his cooking skills. Don't blame her one bit!

Make this one........

Get on over to The Pioneer Woman recipe section for this recipe. Monkey bread, the best I've ever made.

He also does step by step at Reverb for us cooks who want to see it at every phase. Just wish I could taste it, at every phase.
Look for this button off to the right at Reverb. I have been surprised what Ryan and I can put on the table.

Well, that's about it. Oh yeah, one last thing.

Did I mention that he's a Pastor.
That's right I said Pastor.
The Bumpkin struggles with all things religion.
When I first started reading Reverb I kept thinking to myself, "Why does Ree call him Pastor Ryan?" There doesn't seem to be alot of preaching going on here. Then he slipped a little scripture in on me, and I listened, and related it to my life.
Wow, that didn't hurt a bit. Hummmmmmmmm...........maybe he does accept all types of people. Maybe, even me.

This is by far my favorite photo of all! How many emotions can you pull out of this one photo?

He saved her soul.
He. saved. her. soul.

Recently he quoted scripture but left me hangin'. I ran to the cedar chest to pull out the bible my parents gave me when I graduated high school. Nice fresh with my name engraved on the front. I managed to look up the scripture to find out what he had left off.
And then, I read a little more. After a while, it dawned on me, and I laughed, because I could almost hear him say. "GOTCHA! [insert chuckle] "I got you to read the bible." Sneaky.........
I have also listened intently to the podcasts. Slowly but surely, ya'll pray for me, you too Pastor Ryan.

Very special Thanks to Ryan Detzel and This Is Reverb, for use and creation of these wonderful photos!
Did I hear someone call out a nomination for Best Blog of the Year?
He's got my vote!

The Bumpkin


Housewife Savant said...

Love the cooker man.
The dad and husband.
LOVE the brother.
Love the godly man and pastor.

Making that Monkey Bread, and that's saying sumpthin'.
He got you to read your Bible, and me - to cook.

georgia~gigi said...

Bumpkin Babe, I read this awhile ago and bookmarked it! I so loved this post! Ever since we began our bloggie friendship I was praying for you and the Captain all that you guys were going thru! I didn't know what your faith was! I would just pray that He would draw near to you and bring you closer to him! When I found out you were sick I prayed for Miracles and Healings and to bring everyone closer to Him!
My two best friends growing up lost a mom and aunt to ovarian cancer!
You died on my friend who lost her aunt birthday!
I am rambling!
I would of like share my faith story with you! It is a long story and I am by no means RELIGOUS!
The last time I went to Church was the day before you died! I went and cried and prayed and begged for a miricale!
I never told you my Jeremy is a Pastor actually a Reverend, he he!
He is pretty cool for a Rev.
I miss you so Bumpkin Babe it just isn't the same without you!
Big Smoochies
gi gi