Friday, April 17, 2009

Michelle Obama A Class Act!

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For my faithful readers, you'll remember when I mentioned I thought I was really going to like this lady! Here's a link to that post if you missed it.

Well, I'm sure now. Did you read her in Oprah last month? Class Act.......hands down. He calls to tell her he signed a huge economy bill to save our country, and she says. "Well, that's nice Barrack, but we have ants!" Love it!

Her fashion sense? Well, hop on over to one of my favorite hippie sites, and let aaryn belfer tell it in her words. Right On Michelle!!!!! You Go First Lady, making history by KEEPING IT REAL!
Great Turtle Race updates later tonight!
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Nessa said...

I love her! She really is someone people can relate to her easily!

Nessa said...

*people can relate to easily, haha. Oops! ;)

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Yes she is a Class Act..I love her garden that she and the school kids are planting.. Now they just have to be sure the New First Dog doesn't get out there and dig..

savannah redtop said...

I absolutely LOVE her! Is it bad that like her a lot better than her hubby?

Tara Gibson said...

I agree with the poster above, i like her more than the prez : )