Monday, March 29, 2010

Consumed by the Mrs.

All photos taken by the amazing Annie Leibovitz, for Vogue March 2008 entitled Rebel Romance:

Carrie in Lanvin tipped with Christian Louboutins, Big in Valentino, Hugo Boss & Tom Ford

I have finished all 6 seasons + The Sex And The City Movie, your opportunity for spoilers has passed. An epic series of the oldest story in the world for a woman, the quest for and consumption of the Mrs. In the end Mr. Big, his name was John. A gasp of a coincidence readers, a gasp. I would bet you at least $100 had this been The Captain and I; I would have had a beat him with the bouquet moment, and it would have ended in a drag by the hair. Bet you. I'm serious the exact same way. He's a simple man, I'm extravagant, not to be confused with eccentric.

Carrie in Narciso Rodriguez's

This not being a Mrs. troubled me much more around the cusp of 4-0. Spinsters, that's what Mamma said about the women over forty who were still single. Never married. Do you know that's what it would say on my death certificate if I died today? Never married. I know love in its rawest of forms, but Mrs., completely unchartered waters for The Bumpkin that fell in love with that guy. Horrible divorce, never again, not if my life depended on it, period end of discussion.

Carrie in Nina Ricci dress and shoes, Big in Ford and Valentino Again

It is hugely noted that when this troubled me the most, I found him on one knee Christmas (4 days before 40) morning, ring in hand, stumbling through words he had never said before. Oh he was married, but she told me he never proposed, and it was a huge sore spot for her their entire marriage. At least I was awarded the proposal.

Even though, we have been together 8 years, marriage just seems like the light at the end of the tunnel. Why? What will change? Why is the freaking Mrs. so important?
I feel, though he swears it's not the case, that I forced him into the ring, with my pre-40 tears of despair. The whole spinster attitude, he even had the ceremony semi-planned for the day of my 40th so that I wouldn't have to wear the label. No way, not enough time to even let it sink in, and my wedding is not being thrown together in 4 days. I want a dress and some shoes, but not much else will be required, a cake, some flowers, a great dinner with some friends, a night at a fancy schmancy hotel, and the rest I will leave to both yours and my own imagination.
Carrie in Violet Marchessa, and C Lou's again, smart girl.
I'm going to let it come in it's own time,Dakota (Cody), My John's son, will have his Marine Dress Blues (Like Father like Son) in a little over 2 years, and that uniform could be a nice accessory for the wedding pictures. I am certain that it will be a memorable affair, simply because of it's nature, but I also want it to be something he, My Mr. Big, will enjoy. I am certain that some big affair would end for me, as it did Carrie, in disaster, although I would consider the beating with the flowers as getting off a bit easy.
Carrie in the late Alexander McQueen peacock and tulle

My biggest disappointment, is that I need that Mrs. to make me feel complete. Yuck, not the type of woman I am at all. It's a name change that makes you someone else in the most literal way. Why is it that I need to change who I am so desperately? Why?
This my friends is going to be the focus for me, for a little while. Not needing it so badly. Then maybe, I will tighten the knot that is already there between us. We own a home together; five dogs, boats, vehicles, and we are very settled in our life as a couple. What else does a girl need?

Carrie in Dolce & Gabbana Chiffon

I do have one more need. It's a strong need.

A very strong need, a desperate need, a consuming need.

Carrie's Wedding Shoes were

Manolo Blahnik's Something Blue

A need for something blue, and these will do.

I either want to be married or buried in these shoes.

Whichever comes first!


The Spinster Bumpkin


debra@dustjacket said...

Hey there, thanks for sharing with us, I was really moved that you did. I love the photo's and yes....those so have to get them for the wedding.

Pleased to see you can post pictures.

MCW said...

I think what really matters in the end is that you are happy. Whether you have a BF, or a husband, or's whatever will make you the most happy! And if being a Mrs is that...than I am thrilled that you are lucky enough to have someone to be a Mr.

PS - LOVE Annie L.

Jen said...
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Jen said...

When? When? When? Oh how I just want you to be happy. Do what you want to do. If you're in love, then do it! Do you want me to come down there? Oh let us be there for you during all of this. This is such a big time. A good time. A beautiful time. Love you!!

Sierra said...

I hope you will be married when the timing is right! I think what is fabulous about the SATC series is that you can find love at any age, and that love is right when you are happy and you give it your best effort. I hope you get those amazing shoes too, you deserve all of the happiness in the world!

Hope Chella said...

I just saw you complain that being a rooster was boring on Andy's blog. I'm a rat. But anyways, I thought these pictures might help you reassess the mundane factor:
Let me know what you think :)


Hope Chella said...

If these links don't work, go onto my teaching website and see Cranston-Calvert which has 2 links to Picasso Roosters =)

Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

Hey sweetie,

Gorgeous pics by the way.

I know how much you and John are in love, it is so obvious. Taking those vows only solidifies the commitment you have already made to each other. I know you'll trust your heart and do what's best for you both in the end. I think your idea of a wedding is perfect: intimate, shared with those you love the most, a beautiful dress, killer shoes, nice music, great food, pretty flowers...a true celebration of love.

Thanks so much for sharing your heart with us. And I know you will look smashing in these gorgeous blue Blahnik's!

P.S. I would gladly volunteer to assist with wedding planning activities!! :) XOXO

A "cheery" disposition said...

Hi hun,

Yes you may use my pictures. I am glad you liked them. And as for dancing with the stars it always makes me happy. I get nervous watching Kate.. I almost had to change the channel.

Beth Dunn said...

You must get those shoes-they are fab. xoxo

Laura Trevey said...

You picked some awesome photos... so romantic!!

(I hope you read Barefoot, it's a fun read!!)

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

SJP is stunning! xx

Anastasia Schembri said...

As long as you're happy with your "John" that is all that matters. I know, I know, not too original but it is the truth.
It's a bit of a mystery as to what makes that 'Mrs.' so important to some of us, but if that is what you want then nothing should stop you from having what will make you happy (and if a pair of those fabulous shoes goes along with it, all the better!!!).
Thank you for sharing a bit of your heart with us, I am sending you lots of warm wishes for your special day whenever you are ready for it!

Punctuation Mark said...

Remember that happiness is all that matter in the end and labels come on and off... like shoes... if you don't like them you don't have to wear them... enjoy!

Bethany said...

This was a really cool post! I think I am going to read it again! =)

bananas. said...

suh-woooon over the pictures and carrie's fashion. oh and of course the shoes! big sigh!!!

as for your desire for the mrs...well can't help ya. that's the last thing i need. i just want to be happy and i'm a-okay.

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Cheers & JOY to you~
the Dolce & Gabbana Chiffon is le sigh!

Miss Janice said...

Loved this post and of course, the awesome photos! Those shoes are so gorgeous:

Gorgeous Glam said...

Those shoes are wonderful aren't they? Thanks for the follow! Have a great week. xoxo