Saturday, October 3, 2009

Favre Football Hometown Edition

If you been riding the swing for awhile, you'll remember when I bid our Hometown Boy a tribute upon his 1st (of many apparently) retirements with this post here.
Brett in Packers jersey, oh the memories.

One of my favorite things about the Packers days were times like these....

It was hard to be a Brett fan, even if we are from the same blades of grass, when he was in the same league as My Bears. Urlacher usually got him at least once a game. Archrivals those Packers and Bears are, and you'll remember that I took an oath to My John (Southside of Chicago Native) that I solemnly swear to always hate The Packers regardless of the circumstances. Finally he retired from Green Bay, and with the help of Ebay I made a little extra dough selling the hometown newspaper tribute edition.
Then he sported this jersey.............

We Bears fans were more on the Favre bandwagon, because he wasn't that big of a threat, and now he sports this jersey...........

and...........he's breathing down our throats again. This "old man" is still nailing those passes.....I pray he ends it before the glory is gone.
So, we Southern Mississippi football fans are looking for a little excitement for when Brett retires for real. It's the next generation.........
This is hitting our newspapers nowadays.

St. Stanislaus Rochachaws senior Quarterback Dylan Favre, Brett's nephew, is tearing up the state records, before moving on to college. Dylan Favre made it a night to remember in Leakesville Friday night by breaking the state career records for both touchdown passes and passing yards. I really wanted a picture to share, but the press in Leakesvills is usally in bed by 6pm, right before they roll up the streets. Podunk central if you catch my drift. So instead I had to um...."borrow" a pic from his facebook page. I hope he doesn't mind :)
Younger ladies this one is still single, better get on it!

Don't forget when he's throwing passes to the end zone in the Superbowl, who told ya first!
The Bumpkin