Tuesday, January 19, 2010

100 Things About Me!

Well, how quickly 100 posts can pass.
Here we go ya'll.

1. I am not a bumpkin, it is My John's pet name for me.
2. I love blue earrings.
3. I enjoy my mornings alone, until I read the paper at least, if someone reads the paper before me, it ruins my day.
4. I have curly hair, so curly it can easily transform to nappy.
5. My favorite color is orange, now how many people do you know whose favorite color is orange?
6. I drink coffee morning, noon and night. I will probably die from all The Equal I have consumed.
7. My favorite night time snack, is peaches and cream.
8. I first moved into my home, when I was 1 year old.
9. I am Hurricane Katrina survivor.
10. I have kissed Tommy Lee, while he was married to Heather Locklear. Yes, on the lips, and all I did was pucker at the last moment.
11. My favorite movie is Pretty Woman, and I can recite the words without watching the movie......."Welcome To Hollywood, What's Your Dream?"
12. I would like to be rich enough to wear new panties everyday. I am obsessed with matching my undies to the outfit I am wearing.
13. My Mamma did my laundry till I was 35, and it's still my biggest domestic handicap.
14. I once played the flute in the high school band. What rhymes with Ork?
15. At work, I often sell diamonds, and occasionally assault rifles.
16. I have never been married, but I am working on this spinster thing.
17. I have no children, nor will I, it was a personal decision I made long ago.
18. I am 1/4 Creek Indian.
19. I am a green eyed lady.
20. I love quotes, and have books of them.
21. I was the youngest child of older parents, and have lost all my family. It was hard, but not about me.
22. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue. Without cheating.
23. I detest whistling, it makes me want to stab someone. My John whistles constantly.
24. I was a Girl Scout and received every badge there was to get.
25. I have an obsession with kitchen utensils.
26. My favorite food is Chicken-n-Dumplings.
27. Coca-Cola is my caloric downfall.
28. I smoke cigarettes, I know, I know. You thought it was cool when Carrie Bradshaw was doing it.
29. The last movie I saw in the theatre was "The Flintstones" no kidding.
30. My first car was a Yugo, and my Daddy had "Wild Thing" painted across the front.
31. I love dolphins, sea turtles, and whales.
32. I don't like sushi. Well maybe a dynamite roll, but only until I am able to determine what that one little burst of tart is.
33. I was born while my Daddy was in Vietnam. I was 8 months old the day he found out I was born. Think of how upset he was with Mamma? He hadn't seen her in 17 months, and he gets a telegram saying he has a new baby girl.
34. My most treasured item in the world is a perfect yellow vase that my great great grandmother traded an English lady, for an Indian Headdress in the early 1800's.
35. The first concert I ever saw was John Denver. I was 6.
36. I hung out with a guy named Julian Lennon the year I was an exchange student in Europe. We had coffee almost everyday. I had no idea who he was. None!
37. I have always wanted to write a romance novel. I will before long.
38. My favorite book is How to Be A Lady: A Contemporary Guide To Common Courtesy by Candace Simpson~Guiles. (Bonus: I have always wanted a hyphenated name)
39. After 9 months of not talking to My John (my Mr. Big) a gypsy asked me to buy her a pack of cigarettes in exchange for a wish. He called the next morning, we moved in together the next week, and never looked back. This was 8 years ago. He was living a thousand miles away that night I made that wish. Well worth one pack of smokes.
40. I was a vegetarian in my early teens. Why? Because Rick Springfield was of course. This lasted in excess of 2 years.
41. I was an award winning actress in college.
42. I was a Delta Psi Omega President.
43 I was once in a commercial as a crash test dummy.
44. I am not even to 50 and I am grasping at this point.
45. I met John when he applied for a job under my supervision, and I bluntly told him why I didn't want to hire him. It went something to the tune of instead of hiring you, I would like to ummmm date you.
46. I was named after Lisa Marie Presley. When Elvis died, my Mamma went to bed for a week.
47. My favorite place to travel to is The Smokey Mountains. So far, much more on my bucket list.
48. My sister was a criminal psychologist, we sat for hours at the kitchen table profiling serial killers for the states of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.
49. I can not remember the last day of my father's life. This troubles me. They say this happens sometimes during tragedies.
50. I make wishes every time the clock says 11:11, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 or 5:55.
51. I am terrified of lizards, and frogs.
52. I wear Coco by Chanel perfume.
53. I love a good nap, but am quite bitchy when I wake up.
54. I hardly ever watch TV, I wait till the series comes out on DVD, and I watch it in a row. This directly relates to OCD, because if I miss one episode, or fifteen minutes of one show, I can't continue to watch it.
55. My secret boyfriend is Toby Keith.
56. I finally got a red pea coat for my 40th birthday. I have wanted one since high school.
57. I have an amazing cast of characters in my life. I'm just not sure what the plot is yet.
58. I believe you can fight City Hall.
59. I dream of owning my own handbag store.
60. I had never watched Sex in The City till one month ago. I am on Season Three. How, how did I miss this? I saw it here and there, but how did I miss the fashion, the Mr. Big, the quotes....I can't believe I missed this. Makes me think I might should try to watch Mad Men and The Office now.
61. I love silence, like no radio in the car silence.
62. I brush my teeth in the shower, so I don't have to clean the sink.
63. I take showers with the bathroom door open, because when the steam comes, I can't breathe. I am not claustrophobic.
64. I read every obituary in the paper every day. I have decided to write my own.
65. I am intolerant of people who wear blue pants and black shoes.
66. I think the sexiest part of a man's anatomy is his back. Bad back, no deal!
67. My John calls my lingerie, my daintallies. He is not allowed to touch them, unless I am wearing them.
68. I have had the same nail lady for 15 years, I follow her where she goes, because I don't like anyone else to touch my feet.
69. I have pretty feet :)
70. I once was a weekend drive D.J. at a large country station. My on air name was Nikki Matthews, my favorite song to play was Forever in Blue Jeans by Neil Diamond.
"Money talks, but it can't sing and dance and it can't waltz. "
71. My favorite store is Target. The two story Target in New Orleans to be exact.
72. The best food I have ever ate was catfish at a place called Fat Matt's Barbecue in North Atlanta somewhere by Piedmont Park.
73. I love, love, love, wildflowers, and will pull over on the side of the road, to pick them. Especially the yellow ones.
74. I have a lot of shoes, let's not even go there.
75. I want to own a home on the Tennessee River in the Smokey Mountains.
76. The best concert I have ever seen, was Elton John, we sat directly behind the piano. I was amazed.
77. I would have loved to burn my bra in the 60's.
78. I love fashion, my favorite designer is Coco Chanel. The Jackie O era. Also do you know that Vera Bradley designed clothes for Jackie O. Hippie Hot Mama dresses.
79. My favorite color to wear is red. I feel powerful when I wear red.
80. For graduation my Mamma bought me a really nice gold chain. I lost it shortly after graduation. When we remodeled our bathrooms recently I found it between the bathroom sink and the wall. I lost it less than an hour later again, and still have not found it again. Geez Louise.
81. My favorite cereal is Frosted Mini Wheats, but only the big ones. The little ones don't taste the same.
82. I love the smell of sunshine. It does have a smell, but only on certain days.
83 I love yellow roses, even on Valentine's Day.
84. I melt when a man kisses the back of my hand. Yes they still do that here in Mississippi.
85. I have a thing for firemen. You know what I mean.
86. I love art. Especially art depicting anything yellow. Weird uh?
87. I love Pina Colada's, and getting caught in the rain.
88. I'm a Parrothead, love Uncle Kracker, Uncle Kenny Chesney, and Jason Mraz. It's the whole drink Corona beside a bonfire on an island philosophy on life.
89. My favorite wine is Sweet Bitch wine. Try it!
90. I love pepper. Everything must have pepper.
91. I love red hots. They make my tongue split, but I love them.
92. I am a Chicago Cubs fan, and as you know a Chicago Bears Fan, but I hate basketball. I dream of tailgating at Soldier Field.
93. I love to stick my toes in the sand. But this messes up your pedicure horribly.
94. I didn't wear jeans for 20 years. I love them now.
95. I can not make pecan pie to save my life. Sucks for a southern belle.
96. The jars in my refrigerator, must stay in perfect alignment, especially the jelly jars. Cans facing forward in the cabinet, check. Don't use the hand towels in the bathroom. Isn't it obvious you shouldn't use those towels, ONLY THE TURQUOISE ONES RIGHT BESIDE THE SOAP.
97. I rarely take pictures. There are maybe 20 of me in existence. It's a soul stealing Indian thing, but am old enough now to realize I need to leave more memories.
98. I sometimes make lists of lists that I need to make. No lie ladies.
99. My favorite song is "She Talks To Angels," by The Black Crowes.
100.I want to plan a Southern As Hell Blogger Event.

I told ya'll my dirty little secrets, now I want hear what you think.

The Bumpkin


MCW said...

So many things to comment on...
I played the flute in middle school (geek), you must watch Mad Men, I brush me teeth in the shower, would love to hear more about your dad and Vietnam!

Meg said...

these are great! of course my favorite is the gypsy's wish :) so cute! and yes you better watch the office it is fantastic!

Mrs. Potts said...

I love your list & like MCW said, so many things to comment on!!

I do believe that everyone should at one point in their life own a red pea coat!

the southern hostess said...

Such a great list. I feel like I know you!

Carol Murdock said...

Now this was great entertainment and very well written!! :)

Jen said...

I think we could be sisters! You have no idea how many of your "things" are my "things" too! Must be why I love ya :-)

Coryanne Ettiene | Kitchen Living with Coryanne said...

I am popping over from Lily's and loved the quote you have at the start of your blog, it really hit a nerve, stunning really. I adore how laundry is your downfall, it is mine too, if I had the money we would just buy new clothes every day or have a live in laundry maid to do it all for me...but with the lottery tickets not being purchased, and 5 bods to clothe I am stuck with a basket in my hand and a glass of champers in the other. Really nice to find your blog.

The Gypsy♥Belle said...

Could it be that we are destined to be best friends? I think so.

Whistling drives me batty. Except when my daddy does it.

My Momma did my laundry till I was 18nahalf.

I agree that sand ruins pedicures.

Unc Kracker and Kenny are seriously paradise in a song...Jason Mraz..eh hmm.. he's heaven.

I love Wildflowers, they are breathtaking.

I seriously didn't believe in Gypsy's till I read this.

I seriously cannot bake or make a pecan pie to SAVE MY LIFE. It's impossible.

Seriously, My MawMaws chicken n dumplings are my favorite foood. Ever.

I think a Southern Blogger as Hell is a genius Idea.

Um, did you say you lived in Hattiesburg?? I swear you told me that once. We seriously need to meet up.

Meg said...

You're too cute!! I could comment on so many of these put I would be writing a whole post. lol. Great post!!