Thursday, August 27, 2009

We're Still Bloomin'!

One of the most difficult times for a gardener in Southern Mississippi is the July and August months. The heat here can be unbearable, even for the flowers. My mixed baskets are heat exhausted, so is My John so it's pretty low maintenance for now. When we grew our seeds this year we focused on things that would be natural bloomers in the heat to fill the gaps of blooms during these months. Wanna see?

Peach Hibiscus

Moonflowers, these are night only bloomers. Love to walk out in the moonlight and see these beauties. A moonflower is a vine, started out small, and now is covering the front gate. Looks a little aggressive will have to keep the cutting shears near by on this one. This is the starter for what will someday be my "moon garden."

Pink mandevilla. This one is not scared of the 100+ temperatures here. Just start it on a trellis and let it go.

Yellow Hibiscus. The yellow flowers are my favorites. Even with roses, I want the yellow dozen that no one ever buys at Valentine's Day.

Cajun Hibiscus, a return investment year after year. These babies get it when it comes to bloomin'!

We have enough to share with co-workers, fellow chefs and neighbors. As a matter of fact, I have enough to share with you too, because everyone else is sick of me dumping on them. The peppers have gotten out of hand. This is one morning's pick.

This is Tibouchina, also known as a princess flower. This is John's favorite plant, and he really knows plants. Rare to say the least. I had one a couple of years ago, that was stolen. It took me forever to find another.

Here is my Plumeria. I am really proud of this one. Plumeria is very hard to grow. I really had to work at this one. You know how some flavored things don't smell like it originator at all? Like, grape flavored things do not smell like grapes. Well this smells exactly like the Bath and Body Lotion. Amazed me at first, and one little flower can fill my garden with this scent for days.

Thanks, for stopping by the garden, take some blooms home if you like!
The Bumpkin


Jennifer T said...

awesome flowers!!! youre a good little gardener! i want some ;)

Preppy Pitbull said...

Amazing garden! I absolutely adore it, and I am so jealous of your veggies! Great job :)

Beagle said...

Beautiful! :)

booshy said...

Wow! I cannot even manage a CHIA PET...that's an impressive garden!

Landlocked Mermaid said...

ahhh sooo pretty. I can smell them from here!! xo

Carol said...

We had moonflower vines years ago and i always had good luck with them. I wanted a plumeria plant and regret not brining one back from Hawaii. I did bring a couple of ginger plants back and they bloom late in the summer but man they do smell good. I really enjoyed your pictures and I will send your package soom.

Hope and pray you and the Captain are well. Me and my Captain are busy with our oldest Grandson. Breaks my heart I can't take him to the beach! Thinkin about driving east till I hit some clean beach...we'll see. Take care and ....Hangloose!