Thursday, January 29, 2009

I am so excited! I have been tagged.

Well, Well, Wendy at Wendy's Wit and Whimsy has tagged me.
I didn't even have my acceptance speech prepared. Here are the rules!

1. Go to the the 4th folder where you keep your pictures on your computer.
2. Post the 4th picture in the folder
3. Explain the photo.
4. Tag 4 fellow bloggers to join in the fun!
Back to the picture.
Can you believe this guy? What an idiot uh? This is My John on New Year's Eve 2006.
For my birthday that year, John surprised me with a trip to Denver. My birthday is on the 29th of December, so this was to be a vacation/birthday I would never forget.
Now remember everyone the Bumpkin is from south Mississippi, and had never seen snow. My John is from Chicago, and fears no snow. So snow it was to be for that birthday, he said, and off we went. Well, we never made it to Colorado, due to the worst ice storm in 40 years, so we spent our dream vacation, in a pheasant lodge in Dodge City, Kansas WITH NO POWER! The history of Wyatt Earp can only keep you occupied for so long. I got to see my snow alright, but the ice was horrific. I wasn't as scared during Katrina as I was when John got us stranded in the snow, trying to make it to Colorado. Actually, we were in the Dairy Queen parking lot, he was showing out in the Xterra trying to scare me and accidentally got us stuck, and there were more than 100 people wanting to cross into Colorado in the highway 100ft away, that could have saved me, but alas in my mind, I was going to die, right there, dig. a. snow. cave. starve. and. die. My revenge turned out to be that I lost one of his gloves somewhere along the trip, and he had to dig us out with only one glove. snicker snicker snicker.
I saw more snow than I ever care to see again. It was beautiful out west, but the Bumpkin will stick with her Category 4 hurricanes Thank You!
How do you, that live in these places, take this?
I was taking this picture and he said, "Do this faster than you have ever done anything in your life." I tortured him with the focus button!
Alright I tag....
Mojito Maven at Make Mine A Mojito
Puttin on the G.R.I.T.S, but she may not play understandbly because she is having horrible insensitive male a**hole problems, boy if the Bumpkin could get her hands on "Country" right now......the Valentine teaser, and a phone break up...boy...ummmm I would, ummm oh well.
And another favorite recipe blogger mmmmm goood chicken soup for the soul from
Now if only these Blog Divas actually read my blog, it would be nice!
The Ninny is coming this weekend I promise!
The Bumpkin


Wendy said...

Hi Bumpkin!
Okay, I will try to explain what is also a mystery to me. Like the blind leading the blind. My husband is the tech geek in our house and I just try to keep up. Here we go... your blog to New Post so you can start typing. To imbed an URL under a name/phrase: type the person's name or phrase, ie: Paula at Sweet Pea. We will imbed the URL under the phrase Sweet Pea. Highlight "Sweet Pea"

2. Now, open a new tab and go to the blog/website that you need the URL for. You can either write it down on a scratch piece of paper or you can highlight it, right click, and copy it.

3. return to your New Post page. You might need to rehighlight the phrase if it didn't last. Okay, now find the "link" button at the top of your post window. It will be near the "add image" button. Click in the "link" button. It will open a small window. In the window, either type in the URL or paste it in. If you paste you will need to delete the extra htp://. Now click "OK" or "add", whatever, I don't remember how the directions word it. It will imbed the URL under what you highlighted.

I don't know how it became green...that just happened.
Good luck!
Be sure to send a message to the people you tagged so they will know they are tagged.

Mojito Maven said...

thanks for the tag!! I'll post about it next week!

and my heart truly breaks for GRITS...

Lisa said...

I'm also a Dec. 29th Lisa - you must be my Gulf Coast twin!

Thanks for the email, I'm sure I'll enjoy following your posts via Google Reader.